Saturday, October 29, 2011

Dear Diary

Dear Diary,
Hello everyone in Malaysia. It must be sunny over there. Is getting really cold here and I had a fever last week. I couldn't find any doctor around. What am I talking about, I can't expect any clinic to be open at a moment like this. Thank god that my beloved mother packed a huge amount of medicine, I think if i stay healthy those medicine can last really long.

I suppose this my only way to contact my family and tell them, their baby Steph is really safe here and I am married, and please not to worry he is a very kind person. There is no ceremony or anything, it was done in a rush.

I really miss home. I wish I am with all of you.

27th of July 2016
Stephanie Tee Dryburgh

Dear Diary,
Terrius, my husband finally found a job and we have moved to a better place last week. It was a miracle to get a job at a time like this and most importantly, he is not a local here. The place we are staying now is at a suburb that is quite far away from the city. The place is bigger and air is fresher as well. The only reason for moving away from the city is for safety reasons of course. However, Terrius has to wake up really early to get to work in the city.

I wonder how's everyone home doing. Must be really good eh? I received a letter from my mother and it was opened. I guess the people in the post office checked the content in it. No matter what, it was really great to received letter from home.

27th of August 2016
Stephanie Tee Dryburgh

Dear Diary,
Autumn is almost here. Is getting a little cold now. We went shopping for some clothes yesterday. I bought a lot of them as I didn't even notice how long did I took in the fitting room. I felt a little bad after paying that I only realized it was half past three and we had not have our lunch yet. However, Terrius didn't complain anything about it. In fact, he was surprised that I smiled that much while shopping. That's what a girls does isn't? For a girl like me who has trapped at home for 3 months, and first time ever went shopping for that long, of course I would smile like crazy. :)

Btw, Happy belated birthday, mother. I am not sure did you receive my letter, but i am sure you wil be able to read this. I love you.

27th of September 2016
Stephanie Tee Dryburgh

Dear Diary,
This entry is dedicated to my father. Happy birthday. Thank you for everything. Thank you for giving me the chance to study aboard even though I did ended up here, married and not finishing my studies. If it wasn't me wanting to be prove myself that badly I wouldn't ended up here, making all of you back home worrying about me. I am very sorry. I hope your health gets better. I love you, you are the best father ever.

27th of October 2016
Stephanie Tee Dryburgh

Dear Diary,
I am working now. I am getting some part time graphic job from all over the world though internet, Yes, finally, we got our internat fixed. After for waiting for so long from the old apartment to this house. I have set up a website on doing all the graphic stuff to kill some of my time. Surprisingly, most of my client are from Malaysia and I found it very comforting.

After both of my parents birthday month, this is my birthday month. We went to a Turkish Restaurant to celebrate. It was a very nice place, even though is not the best Turkish ever, but is very clever of Terruis to found such a nice place during this time. I was very happy really.

27th of November 2016
Stephanie Tee Dryburgh

Dear Diary,
Hello Malaysia! Christmas just passed. Did you manage to booked your tables or turkeys yet? I recall that Isetan always have very nice turkeys and not to forget Sun Moulin's cakes. Talking about cakes, which bakery do you prefer in Malaysia? San Terri in Bangsar Village or Sun Moulin? Both of them are my favorite bakery but if I really have, I mean really really have to, I will go to Sun Moulin's fruit cake for sure. Nevertheless, San Terri's green tea cake is a bomb as well. Aww... I am missing those wonderful pastries now.

We bought a plastic Christmas tree. It was my idea to get a plastic one because it is cleaner and it can be use again next year. Terrius had no object on this since I am the one who cleaning the house, so plastic wins.

Merry belated-Christmas everyone.
Even though most of us are not Christian but I know most of us celebrated Christmas in Malaysia. Me? I am a buddhist with a Christian husband, so is a must to celebrate.

27th of December 2016
Stephanie Tee Dryburgh

Dear Diary,
I had a wonderful time this month. It has been six months in here, it seems like the most frightening time has passed and everything is getting back to normal. Since the city seems to be safer than before, shops and restaurants are getting back to their business as well. Nowadays, we eat out more frequently compare to before especially on weekends. We saw the news on the paper that international workers are allowed to register for lost passport, I can't tell how happy was us. We immediately when to our own respective embassy to apply for it. We have submitted the form but the officer from the embassy told us, there is no promise when could we get it.

27th of January 2017
Stephanie Tee Dryburgh

Dear Diary,
It has been a year here. I have got used to the country lifestyle. Last week was our first anniversary. We never plan to celebrate it, after all there was a secret between it. Both of us was well aware that it has been a year but we didn't mention.

At late night, I was alone drinking beer at the balcony and Terrius silently joined me. We didn't talk. It was a very awkward day for both of us. We didn't talk much on that day. However, is very obvious that there was something bothering us. After his third can of beer he hugged me. It was the first time, we were so close to each other that I could hear his heartbeat. Unwillingly, I teared. I know what did the hug meant and I was very delight. everything happened so quickly and both of us are not even prepared. We been thru a lot.

It has been a tough year. Hopefully, it will be a brighter year ahead.

27th of May 2017
Stephanie Tee Dryburgh

Hi, I am Stephanie Tee. I worked for The Moon, a respective Malaysian newspaper. I submit my monthly diary entry to and they will publish it at the Moon Metro section. I am originally a Malaysian. Four years ago, I was trapped in Middle East and I am married to my husband, Terrius Dryburgh, who is Scottish. We are now settling down in Melbourne, Australia. My husband is a lecturer in Monash. and me? I owned a very unique cafe at Spring Street.

Below shown was my last entry to The Moon:

Dear Diary,
Finally, We have booked our air tickets home! I can't they you how thrilled I was the moment I got my passport from the embassy. There is someone I really want to thanks and if it wasn't him, I don't know where would I be now or will i be alive. He is my husband.

Thank you for telling a such a huge lie to those people for not taking me away. If wasn't that lie, I don't know where will I ended up be and I will not know what will I be doing right now and will I be alive.

Since this is my last entry, I will tell you the secret that I have been mentioning all over my previous entries. I was a student at that time. I came to Middle East with both of my lecturers (Terrius and Bradley) and Bradley's wife for a competition. The country was in peace when we was here and suddenly things changed for some political reason. We never expect for this to happen and the airport was shut down. We were trap in the country and there are a lot of snatching and robberies going on at the time. Both of our passports were missing.

One day on the street, a middle aged man spoke some language I don't understand and brutally draged me. At the moment, Terrius stopped them. I didn't know what ere they talking about and all I heard from Terrius was "she is my wife". The middle aged man stopped and stared at Terrius and asked for prove. Bradley qiuckly added "They are suppose to be married in two weeks time". The middle aged man insisted us to get married on that day or he is going to bring me to some horrible place so we di what he wanted, that's the only solution of that time anyway.

I have never dream that we would be married and not to mention how much I hated his classes. I always taught that he has a horrible taste and is one of the most boring tutor/ lecturer ever. Yet, we are now married and it has four years.

Sorry to be a bit wordy this entry. This will be the last from me for sometime. I hope all of you will be happy forever and best of health.

ps. A very happy Chinese new year!

27th of February 2020
Stephanie Tee Dryburgh

:) story inspired by a song from SHE's Selina.
I thought of expanding it more. what do you think?

Friday, February 18, 2011

A sweet escape

"Pink or baby blue?" a girl with pony tail cried

"What do you need this time?" A women replied her, and looked at the girl with pony tail and cried "Oh my god! For heaven's sake where on Earth did you get all these?" The women was instantly shocked by all the labels she saw on the girl's table. "Versace, LV, Gucci, TopShop, Zara, Cotton On, Cotton On Body, Nike, Romantic cue? From Exclusive brands to affordable to sporty and some random brands. How long have you been saving all these?" She was so impress at her sister's labels collection. She didn't know that was she impress because its were so awesome or how can her little sister keeping all these rubbish for this long.

"Since high school, sis." The girl replied "Awesome eh?"

"Guess so." The women replied "What are these for anyway?"

"Valentines present." The girl smiled

"Ohh, that's sweet but will he likes it?"

"Of course!" The girl said and smiled very sweetly. She was so in love at that moment.

pause. Here it goes, I was that girl. I was trying to frame something really cute for my ex-boyfriend. I was trying to create a huge page of scrape book and frame it, am I creative or what? Oh right, by the way My name is Zoey. not Zoey101 but just Zoey. right I know cut the lame joke, you don't care.

"White frame or the wooden one?" I asked myself while listening to my Ipod.

"It depends on what are you going to frame, I guess." A voice told me.

"Which one is cuter? White! But he is a guy..." I asked myself again.

"Wooden one should look more vintage while the white one might ended up looking sweeter." The voice said again

"Maybe I should get it later when I make up my mind." I told myself

"The white one suits you more." The voice said again

Now, I am feeling really freaky, I mean should the voice be the other me? I looked around and I saw a guy was right beside me! I didn't realised that I actually talked to myself instead of just a thought. That was really embarrassing.

"Oh my god!" I cried, embarrassed.

"Is okay" he smiled. "So which one are you going to get?"

"I don't know, Maybe I will get it later." I said "Good bye."

"Bye." He replied

"Zoey! you are so embarrassing." My sister burst into laugher when I told her what happened.

"I know. So, which one do you think I should get huh?" I asked and lying on the bed

"I don't know, I am not as artistic as you." She said

"You ain't helping!" I protested

"Hey, I am more interested on how did that guy look like?" She said

"Tall, fair? blonde, but I am pretty sure he is an Asian just like us." I said

"Oh come on, most of us looks horrible with blonde coloured hair." She said

"Since when did i mention he is handsome?"

"Oh fine!." She said and continue her make up

"But you know, he is not bad looking." I said in blue "He doesn't looks like a local. Something different, I can't tell where was he from but not local"

"Mystery guy huh?"

"No so, just someone I bump into."

"Then stop talking about him."

"Just to tell you that he is not ugly, in fact I think he looks very cute in blonde hair. like an albino baby." I smiled

"albino is not cute! stop being cruel Miss Zoey!"

"I am not! He is cute!" I protested loudly

"Why are you screaming?" My mother walked in

"She was saying she met a really cute guy at Ikea just now while shopping for a photo frame for Steven as a Valentine present." My sister said

"Oh that's what I am going to tell both of you." My mother said "Please make yourself available on this Valentine's day. Your cousin is getting married."

"WHAT!?" I cried

"Oh yes, be good."She said and walked out the room

"So, what are you going to do?" My sister asked me

"Aren't you celebrating with your husband?" I asked

"I am fine actually." My sister said

"I don't have a choice then." I answered

The wedding was small, warmed. This is actually my cousin's second marriage, the first one was huge but this one was small, only some family members and close friends attended. The bride was young and pretty, my dad told me that she is not local, she is a Thai. She was lean and have a tan skin tone with really nice body figure. in short, she is hot. yes, mad awesome hot and friendly as well.

Well, whatever is it, I am just not in the mood. I broke up with my 2 years boyfriend. I can't stop thinking about that day he told me about breaking up, I felt beaten. I should be the one who break up with him but why everything turned upside down?

"Stev, you know I won't be free on Vday." I Said softly

"Hey, we should talk." He said

"Yea?" I asked, wondering was he angry about what I have just said

"We should have a short break, girl" He said "We are different. I can't and I don't think I will ever be the one you are seeking for."

"What do you mean?" I asked

"I love you Zoey but this is not how it should work. You should be with someone better than me. Someone that can provide you what you need. I am feeling very tired being with you, you made me feel that I am so useless."

"ZOEY!" My sister cried

"Huh!?" I looked at her direction

"The bride and groom is entering the room! stand up!" She said

"Oh okay." Didn't they just entered just now? whatever.

Everyone was having a lot of fun during the dinner. My cousins were snapping photos all around with their blackberry, Iphone, Lomo, and etc. Me? I was sitting there alone. To be honest, I never enjoy this kind of gathering. I am scare of people, when it comes to a lotsa people, I feel scared, is a kind of phobia that I can never overcome.

"Why are you alone here?" A familiar voice said

"Huh!?" I turned back and I saw that guy from Ikea! "You hair.."

"I dyed it just now right before the dinner." He said "It's chestnut brown now."

"Ohh.." I said "You look better now." I said and quickly added "You look really cute before, is just different and I like this more."

"Okay." He said and sat at my sister's seat "Did you buy your photo frame?"



"Is not a need any more." I said and smiled "Are you related to the bride?"

"Yes, I am her cousin." He said

"You look different from her." I said "You are so fair."

"I am her cousin not her direct brother." He explained "My late grandfather was a German."

"Oh.." I said

"I heard you are not a pure Malaysian-Chinese?"

"No, One of my ancestor was Russian, Thai and Austrian. But those were old stories, I dont think it affect any of our look"

"You look very much like a Thai." He said

"I know, when I was in Bangkok, most people mistaken me as a Thai." I smiled

"You don't look happy. Did you miss a date because of this wedding?" He asked

"Nope, There wasn't any date."

"That's weird." He said

"How about you?"

"Haven't met anyone that serious enough to spend my Valentine with." he said

Both of us were silent and I felt really comfortable that he was beside me.

He was staring at me and I can feel that he was scanning every inch of my face. I pretended that I didn't know he was staring at me and looking at the entrance.

"Oh god!" I cried

"What!?" He asked

"The golden bag!" I pointed at a women who passed by the entrance of the ballroom

"What's with it?"

"I wanted to buy it form Nine West the other day. Actually it was 6 months ago but my sister stopped me from being a shopperholic." I said "I spent too much"

"Come, I am going to bring you to a brand new magical world." He rose and pulled me away

"Here we are." he said and stopped his car.

"Where!? Nine West!?" What on Earth is going on!?

"Wait in the car." He walked into the shop and walked out after 10 minutes with empty hands.

"What's going on?" I asked

"This stop is not magical enough for you." He said and moved on

"You are crazy." I said and looking at his handsome face. Hoe could I not realised how good looking was this man when I was at Ikea looking for the stupid photo frame? His captivating eyes that will turned into a crescent moon shaped when he smile and his straight nose with a sexy thin lips. isn't he the prince in almost every girl's dream?

"here!" he passed a huge paper bag to me. " Do not peek until we get to the magical place."

"I don't know anywhere magical in town." I said

"I am going to bring you there today and you will be my princess." he said and smiled

"YOUR princess?"

"Yes, mine." he said

"I know it's the bag. isn't?" I asked

He gave me a quick glanced showing his dissatisfaction and said "Can you don't ruin the surprise? It's really annoying you know?"

"I knew it." I said "I will not accept anything from a stranger"

"But you are on a stranger's car." He said "Open it. I pretty sure this was the one the girl was using."

"yes, it is." I said "I love their new designed label"

"What label?"

"This." I showed him the paper label written the word Nine West on it. "I have a huge collections of labels at home"

"This is interesting." He said "I would like to have a look at it"

"Of course you would." I said

"I used to collect buttons." He said

"That's funny." I said "I have a collection of buttons as well, but i think labels are more interesting."

"Do you like the bag?" he asked

"Love it" I smiled like a 6 years old

"it's just nine west, how would you smile if it's a Hermes!?"

"Is not about the price you pig head. Is about how much effort did one put into to get you a gift!" I corrected him

"Really?" He said "What do you think about hand made gifts then?"

"How about you? Can you tell me first?" I asked with a slight hope that he will like it.

"Erm, it really depends." He said "however, I will really appreciate it."

"That's very nice of you." I said

"Here we are." He stopped his car on a private park.

"I been here many times." I said "I thought it was beautiful but never magical." I said

"Wait here." He said

He walked away and I was staring at the lake. I sat done at the bench and was thinking I must be dreaming, I just have a sweet escape from my cousin's wedding?

"Zoey." he cried and ran to me

"How do you know my name?" I asked "Your sister cried it out during the dinner, remember?" He said

"Oh crap!" And I saw him with a bunch of pink balloons and roses. the roses weren't nicely wrapped but just tied its up with a white ribbon with a butterfly bow on it.

"Roses, Balloons, oh no, chocolates..." He said

"Hey! Is okay.." I said

He hold my hand that was holding the roses and whisper "You know I never believe love at first sight, I thought it was all bullshit. Especially a girl who was shopping for a photo frame for her boyfriend."He looked at me closely "Do you want a new boyfriend?"

"Are you going to introduce anyone to me?"

"Yes, myself."

"Lamer! This is the lamest way to go after a girl."

"Is okay, as long as I got my girl." He said and hugged me.

okay, i know you are craving for the ending now. it's simple, we argue and fought a few times and we eventually got married on a Valentine's day. We are certain about how many people is going think that we are selfish and etc, but seriously, we dont care.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Can you be crazier than this? Special

I opened my eyes and touched on my left cheek and I felt my warm tears. That dream was very annoying, in fact it was so annoying that I can't even explain it in words. I dreamed that 'he' was happily dating Wendy. I mean, Wendy, oh yes, the bimbo Wendy.

'he' was the only reason I am working so hard and giving up almost everything in my life and 'he' was happily dating the bimbotic Wendy in my dream? for heaven's sake, give me a break! I mean please, she is one of the the the.. okay fine, I am not going to say anything bad about her since she is my only friend here, but still this is wrong.

"Today's class is going to end here. Thank you." The vocal instructor said and walked out the room.

"Dianne, What are we going to have for lunch?" A girl with a tan skin tone asked.

"Erm, I dont feel hungry, I dont think I will be joining you." I answered

"But babe, I am gonna be alone." She asked

"I am sorry, I don't feel like having anything right now." I said

"Well, okay" and she walked out the classroom.

Looking at her back and I thought, what's so special about her? She ain't pretty, don't even mention about body figure. Why? Why her? I know I might be taking my dream too serious, but still, I don't get it! I stop thinking and walked out the classroom.

Can the weather be colder than this? This is madness, I can't feel my ears! My nose is gonna break soon. I was standing at the entrance of the building of my future entertainment company. Oh forget to mention, I am a trainee now and I am expected to be a singer in 10 months time. I looked around and I saw Wendy was talking with someone. I didn't bother until I had a closer look... What the hell!? Is that 'him'!? Why are they looking so happy? damn it! Fine, is not like I am going to die without him, I will be much more successful and...

"Ahh!" I scream when someone touched my ears.

"Hey, why are you standing alone here?" 'he' asked

"What do you want!?" I asked sharply

"Come on, why are you angry?" He asked and took out his ear muffs. He placed his ear muffs on my ears "Your ears are gonna break soon." he smiled

"Take it back." I was angry at myself and jealous of that dream. I wanted to take out my ear muffs and he stopped me.

"Come on now, what's going on?" He asked again "lets go for lunch."

"Lets go babe!" Wendy shouted from the other side

"No." With Wendy? Come on, i just had a dream that I was the light bulb of both of them! give me a break!

"Aren't you hungry?" He asked

"No." I said again and took off the ear muff and gave it back to him "Bye!" I walked away.

I know I am acting like a demanding princess right now, but you just don't understand how annoying was that and it was about to happen in front of me. I just want to be alone and cry in my both room once i reached my room. that's all. so leave me alone.

I was walking really fast because it was snowing, and someone knocked me from the opposite direction and my brand new Iphone dropped on the floor. I stare at my phone and I teared. What's going on? My life is so darn hard here, i got nobody here with me. I know nothing about this country, I am learning and working really hard and now what? I just lost what I was looking for all the time and my new Iphone as well? Come on, what on earth is wrong with me?

Someone placed a pair of earmuffs on me again and placed my Iphone into my coat's pocket. At that moment, I hope it's 'him', I turned back

"What is wrong with you?" 'he' asked "What's going on?"

"Why are you following me? Aren't you suppose to have lunch with Wendy?" I asked and wiped my tears away with my hand

"I call it off, you are looking really stress out. Are you okay?" He asked

"No. Which part of me looks okay to you?" I asked

"So, what is wrong?" He asked again "Why are you angry at me without a reason?"

"Are you free?" I asked


"Come with me." I said and I hold his hand. I want to go all the places that Wendy and he went in my dream.

We went to all the places and finally, we had a break. We were sitting on the bench and sharing a Venti Latte.

"What is all these about?" He asked

"It's nice that most people have gone back to their hometown during Christmas and only people like us who is not born here left in the city." I said without answering his question

"yea, even the paparazzi are on holiday." He said

"Yup! Is must be hard to be a Super Star like you." I teased

"One day, you might end up like me." He said

"Hahaha! I wish!" I said

We were silent and I said "You know, I will never be in a relationship with a super star, never"

"Why?" He stare at me and asked

"Too competitive I guess." I said "I just realised it today, anyway." Or I should say I am being sour grape?

"Bullshit..." He said and laughed

"You will never know how it feels." I said and thought of the dream again

"I love you." he whispered

"Huh!?" I was stunned and looked at him

"I said, I love you." He said

"Is not funny." I said

"I am serious."

"Are you training your acting skill on me? if yes, I will said it was so good that I almost thought it's real." I mocked

"Dianne..." He kissed me on my lips "I really mean what I said."

"whhyyyy?" I asked

"Because you are Dianne." He said

"Ermm.. okayy.."

"Hey, tell me, why were you mad at me just now."

"That's private." I said

"Come on now.."


"You silly girl." He said "Im going to finish the Latte if you are not going to tell me."

"Hey! I bought that!" I cried

"Come on!"

"Fine, I had the most annoying dream in my whole life last night!"



"So you were angry because I talked to her?"



"Okay fine, I am gonna tell you." I said "I dreamed that both of you were happily dating and i was alone walking behind both of you."

"Wait.. do you mean that Wendy had a thing about me?" He asked

"Yes. Come one! Her Iphone is full of your photos!" I said angrily

"I never look into her phone before, why are you getting mad?"

"just.. just angry."

"Well, you dream is not going to happen and it will never." He hugged me "Come on darling, i thought everyone agreed that she is a bimbo." and both of us laughed

happy cny, peeps.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Can you be crazier than this?

Interviewer: He is a model, a singer, a dancer, a pianist and even an actor. His face is all round Asia, he is the spoke person for more than 10 brands from cars to fashion labels to cosmetic. Let us welcome the A-list super-star! First of all, congratulation on your wedding!

Super-Star: Thank you...

Interviewer: Hi, so how do you feel about being such a famous A-list?

Super-Star: Well, when I realised that I became an over night sensation, I was pretty nervous. I don't know what should I do. However, after so many years, I have eventually got used to it.

Interviewer: Didn't you go for any training? Did they taught you what you should do when you are as famous as now?

Super-Star: Yes, I did go for the training and it was not an easy one. My company wasn't prepared that I will be as famous as now out of a sudden.

Interviewer: You were one of the hottest topic at that time and you gone wild after you announced your relationship with your girlfriend or might as well say it as your wife, How do you feel? Did this impact affect your relationship?

Super-Star: No, it was a relive actually. We were together for 3 years before we announced our relationship to the rest. The reason being was because she was still a trainee of the company and trainees are not suppose to be in a relationship.

Interviewer: Are you worry that your fans might not be happy?

Super-Star: At some point, I have to admit that yes. I know that they are fine with me be in a relationship because when I was filming with Kelly, almost every fans of mine were so looking forward that we will be in a real relationship. However, that's Kelly, but I wasn't with Kelly, I am afraid that they might not accept Diane as my girlfriend because they have such a strong impression that I should be with Kelly.

Interviewer: When both of you announced your relationship, Diane is already an A-list in Asia but she is still very new. Is both of your company mad at your guys?

Super-Star: Yes, both of our managers were very mad, because i was the one who told the reporter without informing them first and they never know this is coming. No one knows that we are in a relationship.

Interviewer: What makes you wanted to tell the public so much that you actually risked you and her career?

Super-Star: Diane. She is a girl, and I am actually a very conventional person. I feel sorry and bad for keep our relationship a secret and made her looks like my mistress. She had pressure from her family as well, even thou she didn't tell me about it but i am certain that her family was very concern that why did't I announce our relationship.

and the interview goes on.

Today was a long day, I sat on a lazy chair next to a huge window of my house and thought of the interview just now. The interviewer asked me so much about her. It has been 10 years since i know her, and the memory was still vividly in my mind. She came for an audition all the way from her home country....

(Flash back)

"Oh no, I can't dance!" She said

"Oh no, you have to if you want to be a super-star!" A well-dressed women said

"But, oh dear, I will ended up looking like an octopus." She said again

I was staring at her. She looked so elegant and classy but somehow she was so energetic. I am not sure is her a sneakers kinda of girl or a heels kinda of girl. She was like a full package of everything, she did the right thing to come for an audition. She is made to be in the entertainment industry.

"Hey, shouldn't you as a might-be-future senior give her some comment?" Said the women

"Why are you here if you can't dance?" I asked

"I am here because I am here... to audition for acting and modelling." She said "I never sign up for dancing...." She said it so soft almost as if she is whispering to herself but I heard it

"You should know everyone here is a full package. There is no such thing as only an actress or a model." I teased her for fun

"But.. this is not right...." She disagree with me

"This is no Hollywood." The owner of the company walked in and said "If you can't dance, we will not... hire you."

She staring at me as if asking for help, i saw her huge eyes are fill with tears and didn't know what to do.

I have came this far, If i were to give up now, i will ended up looking like a moron! I bought an air ticket here all by myself and if i am going to give up now, all the money will be waste. She thought and said "I will dance but don't laugh at me!"

"Go ahead" Said the owner of the company "She is really pretty isn't she?" He whispered to me

"Yes." I said

"Will she be the second you?" He asked me again

"If she is as hard working." I answered "Stop dancing, you indeed look like an octopus."

"Thank you." She said and blushed

"Thank you, for joining us today. We will inform you in two weeks time." The women said

"Thank you." She said again and left the room

"What do you think?" The owner asked the women

"I like her. she is very cheerful." She said "how about you.... Hey where is he?"

"I don't know when did he left the room." Said the owner


"Oh my god is snowing...." She whispered to herself "I hate it!"

"Hey, Do you need a ride?" I asked "My car is right in front."

"Erm.. is it okay?" She asked

"Yea, no one is following me since I am on holiday now." I said

"Thank you..." She said

The traffic was crazy. I admit, i knew that the traffic is gonna be this crazy at this hour and at this road. Yes, I set her up, I want to know more about her.I am not a flirty guy that will ask for number the first time I know her, perhaps it will be easier to ask for a number after an hour of bad traffic in the car.

"So, how was the audition?" I asked

"Huh?" She looked at me with her huge eyes "Arent you there as well...?"

"erm, i mean how did you feel about it."

"It's horrible." She said "Sigh.. I shouldn't be here in the first place, I should have listen to my father and be a good girl and.."

"Hey, you don't even know the result yet." I said and thought that they will accept her as a trainee for sure. she has the look, she already looks like a star even she is not now.

"The traffic is crazy." She said "I am feeling so tired"

I was silent and after 15 minutes, I realised she fall asleep. How could she? Fall asleep when I am driving right next to her? isn't she suppose to be staring at me instead?

"Hey.. wake up, we have reached your hotel." She didn't give me any respond so I lightly slapped her face.

"Emmm?" She opened her eyes and realised how near I was, she quickly wakes up and her head hit on mine. very hardly.

"Ouch!" She cried "Sorry, I shouldnt.. I didnt know know that you were that close..."

"Is okay.." I said

"Thank you for the ride.." She said and quickly opened the door

"Hey, wait..!"

"What?" She turned and her lips touched mine. We freeze for about 30 seconds and she quickly turned away.

"I am sorry..." She said "What did you... want.."

"Your phone number.." I said and I felt like a teenage boy who is asking number for the very first time. "And your msn, facebook and twitter.." I asked. i thought since i have already embarrassed my self, why not ask for more

She wrote it on a paper and passed it to me.

"Hey, why do you want to be in the entertainment line? and why here? why not somewhere else, such as your own country?" I asked

"I will tell you one day, if I think you should know." She said and walked away.

Since then we became really close and eventually we turned into couple. After 3 years, we decided to announce our relationship and after 7 years, we got married.

"Holy shit! it has been 10 years!?" I cried and I woke up form my flash back. I saw a busy women cooking in my kitchen, yes she is my wife, Diane.

"Honey, please bathe now, dinner is almost ready." She cried

"Okay!" I answered and walked to the bathroom. A yellow post it was on the mirror. it written:

I came all the way from my home country and gave up everything there for the audition because I love you, I want to meet you. You know, I am your craziest fans and now I am your wife!


"Diane, you are mad! But I love you!" I cried from the bathroom to the kitchen

End. Happy early valentine day folks!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

my princess 3

"She is awake" Elliot said

"Finally, oh dear, are you okay?" Ally asked

"Yes, I think I am just too tired." I smiled "No big deal"

"Why is everyone still here? what's the time now?" I Asked again

"4am." Dave answered and passed me a glass of water "We are waiting for the polices"

"It has been 5 hours, and they are still not here yet." Danny complained

"I think is here." A man said "it ought to be here, look at this place, is empty." and they waked in

"The polices are here, like finally" Elliot mocked

"So, what's up?" the police officer asked

"I made a new year resolution that I am to meet a new friend everyday, so i called the police!" Elliot mocked angrily "It's obvious isn't!?" this place is being robbed! dumb ass!

"Oh okay, so it's empty?" The police said again

"Un huh!?" Stella made a sound "Are you idiot!? someone robbed this place!"

"Any clue who will it be?" the police officer asked

"Oh come on now! what the hell is wrong with you, if we know who might it be, we don't need you!" Dave cried "Not to mention that we have waited for more than 3 hours!"

"Okay, chill man." The police said "Hey, I know you people, you guys are.."

"Whatever is it, get your job done ASAP. We are tired!" Dave cried

"We will need to delay everything." Stella whispered "Alexis need to rest as well, we made her work too much these days."

"Is okay, Stella, i understand that the holidays are here and rushing projects and..."

"Whatever is it, we don't even have a studio." Said Elliot

Everyone was silent. No one knows what to do.

"We wont be free soon" Dave said "Each of us that others commercial to rush by xmas and the world tour is happening soon, we need to practice as well."

"Let me call a friend of mine, may be he might be able to help." I said "He is a professional photographer."

"But, most of the studios are fully booked" Ally said

"We have to try, I will call him." I said "Don't worry, he is a very nice guy, he was my teacher once."

"but it's 4am now." Stella said

"I am pretty sure he is still awake." I took my phone and made the call

"Dav! Thank god you are awake" I said

"What's up?" David asked over the phone

I told him what happened.

"I can borrow you some equipment and you can get it done in your empty studio?"

"No, because the police need to investigate the place for 3 days."

"How about you new apartment? Isn't it empty still?" He suggested "I am sorry Alex, all of the studios are fully booked but i think you can do something on your empty apartment and I can give you a hand if you need."

"Oh my god! You are awesome! Why didn't I thought of it. Thanks man!"

"Awesome huh?" Elliot said

"This is not the time to be jealous!" I said

"I am not..."

"Is enough both of you. please. what's the plan?" Danny said

"I guess I have to lend you guys my empty apartment." I said "But i dont know will it works well, hopefully it will."

"Are you serious?" Dave asked Elliot

"Pretty sure I am." Elliot said "Actually, I am very."

"Good." Dave said

Friday, December 10, 2010

my princess 2

"Sir, here's your hot towel for refreshment." The air stewardess said and passed him a smoking hot towel. She stare at me, who was still asleep on that person's, oh sorry, my husband's shoulder. "Erm, Mis..."

"Is okay, just passed it to me" he said then collected the hot towel from the air stewardess "Hey..hey.." He whispered to me to wake me up.

"Mmmm?" I looked up and "Ouch!" My head hit his chin.

"OUCH! Luckily i have a real chin if i were to plastic my chin like the rest did i would have a weird chin by now. god, it hurts!" he cried

"Sorry.." I quickly apologized and he passed me the hot towel

"We are almost reaching, stop sleeping." he said "it annoyed me"

"Whatever." I said angrily

and we did not talk until the flight landed, and we left the flight and pretended that we never know each other.

"Seems like you are going to stop complaining about not having a boyfriend from now." Ally said from my back

"Shut up. This is not that kinda thing should be happening plus why didn't you save me just now?" I asked

"Why should i?" she asked

"HE basically kidnapped me!"

"You mean your husband?" She teased and laughed

"no, i was talking about my father!" I answered angrily.

"You know we will have to work with them and for you will need to work with them for 2 weeks."

"I am not doing this, please Ally." I begged "I love you boss, you are so pretty, smart, not so tall but still taller than me, and you are like the best of the world..."

"I know, but sorry is not gonna work." she replied

"Bro, who was the girl sat beside you just now?" Dave asked (Dave from lost)

"My wife." He said and smiled

"Come on bro, give me a break. All of us are not allowed to be in a relationship not to mention about marrying."

"Fine. Someone interesting I met in the airport."

"Guessed so!"

"How about you, huh?" He asked "Your ring girl."

"I got rejected. didn't I told you that?""

"Asked her out! for dinner, lunch, tea, breakfast, movie and whatever!"

"We know who we are and what will happen if anyone finds out."

"Come on! Danny is married and no one knows about it." He said "The best part is he is going to be a daddy soon. is not like we cant do it, it really depends on do we want it."

"If i have to be in a secrete relationship with Stella, I rather not being in one." Dave said "There is no point, forbidden love might sound fun at first but when time goes on is a very different thing." Dave added "Especially you, the youngest and cutest and the most likeable one. Unless you are really in love then be a man and face it. People like us don't have the credit to fool around because it will hurt them more than any other guys when it has exposed to the public."

Dave walked away and left him alone in the studio

"Come on Alexis, you can do it! Face him and knock him down!" Said Ally "For your new apartment!"

"For my apartment!!" I said and walked into the studio and saw him alone sitting on a wooden box

"Where are the rest?" I asked

"Who are you?" He asked. Dave is right, he didn't want to hurt her in anyway, she is a nice and hard-working girl. I shouldn't be doing that.

"Huh?"Wait, is he keeping his promise? he looks like he is but why is he staring at him in this way? "Oh sorry, I am your photographer."

"Hi, I am Elliot."

"I will get the rest of them. We got no assistance today because of the airport.."

"Is okay, I will do my best today." I said to avoid he mention about the airport thingy.

"Right, I will get them." He said and walked out the studio

Shouldn't I be happy? This is what I want, unknowing him. Why do I somehow feeling sad? damn!

"Isn't she..?" Dave was about to ask

"No, I dont know her." He said

"Great." Dave said and understood him

"Excuse me miss..!" Danny waved his hand in front of her face

"Oh sorry." Yes, I will be your photographer today and I don't have any assistance today except for my boss Ally and Stella, I believe all of you have met her before. We will do our best on this, but due to the lack of assistances, we hope that you guys won't be needing too many thing..." As for creating trouble. Sigh, can I do it? Ally and Stella wont be helping much for sure and how on earth will i dare to order my boss to help me, right? Looking at them makes me feel headache, a bunch of troubles with good looking faces. damn!

"Alex, I will help you, dont think you are tall enough to adjust the lighting." Stella laughed and helped me

"Thanks." I said "More to the left please."

"No problem"

"Can you guys stand closer to each other?" I asked and started the shooting section. Thank god nothing goes wrong, if I am good enough, I will only need to face them a week and everything will be done.

After hours of shooting section.

"Stop!" Danny cried "please, i am hungry."

"Oh it is 9pm now." Ally said "Lets call it a day and continue it tomorrow?"

"Erm.. okay." Oh why!? I want to finish it ASAP!

"Lets go for dinner guys, my treat!" Said Stella

"Great please, I am starving." Danny said

while everyone was walking out the studio.

"Ally, Can i not go? I am rather tired today." I whisper

"Are you..."

"No, Ally please don't mention about it again."

"Okay okay. relax girl."

"Alex, someone is looking for you." Stella turned to me and said and i saw a rather annoying face but whatever is it, he is my last hope to get out of this situation

"Look, i got a date with my... friend."

"date!?" Ally was shocked because the last time Alex told her that this guy is the not her cup of tea and for god sake he wont be anyone's cup of tea anyway.

"A friend! just normal dinner.. erm no, supper.. whatever is it, not going.."

"Oh invite your friend along Alex, we are going to your favourite place."


"Is okay Alex, I can join them." the annoying face said

"Erm.. fine.." damn, is not about you at all

This is getting weird. he is sitting right in front of me and the annoying guy is next to me. Very annoying. damn!

"Can i get your drinks first?" the waiter asked

"Iced Green Tea please." I ordered

"No, Hot for her." the annoying said

"Why!?" I asked.

"is late, shouldnt be drinking cold.."

"Okay." I ended his conversation before he continues. annoying.

"What do you want to eat." the annoying asked


"But it will be full of bones." annoying said

"Oh for god sake!" Elliot cried "You are acting like her father instead of her boyfriend."

"What?" The annoying was shock

"Please don't tell me you didn't know that your beloved girl friend hates hot drinks and she is not good at hot drinks!" Elliot cried "God damn it! and you this is not fun. How on Earth could I un-know you!?"

"You..!" And the annoying looked at me but i pretend that nothing happened. He was too angry and he left.

"Alex...." Stella whispered

"Huh?" I answered

"Your friend..." Stella was shocked

"You mean her annoying friend?" Ally teased "This teach you a lesson, don't ever lie"

"Whatever is it." I answered as if nothing has happened and the waiter passed me a cup of hot green tea "Excuse me, can you change it to iced?" I smiled

"How could you...?" Elliot stared at me

"What?" I asked "I thought you don't know me? Since when you know that i am not good at hot stuff?"

"When you handed the hot towel, you showed a face that tells it all."

"Hey, you know each other?" Danny asked and laughed

"Come on, Elliot. The manager is not here today, just admit it." Another boy teased

"Whatever is it, is not about her. Is about the guy's face. annoyed me." He said

"Woohooo~ Mr. Cute and Nice Guy is angry" Danny mocked "Come on pal, have a drink. the sake is awesome."

He took over the cup of sake from Danny and drank it all in one breath.

"Oh dear, I haven't order my food yet." I said and smiled. "Excuse me, can i have a Saba fish set?" I don't know why but when I know he was envy, I felt very happy. "Is this your treat Stella? I am very hungry."

"Yes darling, just order whatever you want to eat." Stella said

"Oh god I am so full that I can hardly move! my manager wont be happy about this." Danny cried

"Hey Alex, what are you looking for?" Ally asked

"My phone." I answered "I dont remember where did i left it."

"Maybe is in the studio." Dave said

"Oh no! it has to be!" I cried "I am going back"

"But it's 12am now" Stella said

"Is okay, I will drive there." I said and ran to my car

"I will go with you." Elliot pulled my hand

"Gosh.. I wonder where is my phone.." I looked around

"You didnt even turn on your light, do you think..." He turned on the light and he was stunned by what he saw

"Alex!" He cried right before I fall

"OMG! where is everything!?" I cried

"You nearly fall." He said

"Because it used to be a chair around here and everything is gone."

"Yea, is this a robbery?"

"Think so." I said "Thank god i bought my laptops and camera and lenses away just now."

"This is not the time for this."

"True, but i lost my new Iphone4." damn, i just got it last month!

"Alex, what is this?" He took the piece of paper that left on the floor

"Open it." She said

Dear Stella,

I took everything away from you. you will be a big losser now! You wont be able to complete your job on time this round!


"Your phone." He passed my phone to me

"Oh where did you.."

"on the floor, it was on top of the paper."

"She is kind enough to leave me my new phone." I said and got a stare from Elliot

"Dave! Is she with you?" He asked


"Come on! Your girl friend, Stella! come over to the studio now." He said "Something interesting happened."

"How interesting is this? Seriously, tell me about it." I said "My bonus, apartment, car.. sigh.. If we cant complete this on time then the client will be very angry especially your boss! and everyone will be in trouble."

"i can imagine that." he sat on the floor

"I heard you guys are not allowed to be in a relationship? what a shame." I asked and sat next to him

"We are but not in public." He said

"You guys are annoying, in fact very but i was very surprise today."

"Because we are on ourself today. we are different without our manager."

"understandable." I said

"I am tired, I wanna go home." I said

"New apartment?"

"Nope, I am staying with my sister now but soon i will be moving out. I cant be a free loader forever. I have been staying with my sister long enough is time to be independent and my sister is not alone, she has a family, sometimes I feel rather weird to be there."

"True. How old are you?" He asked

"24." I answered "You?"


"Oh god!" Stella cried "What on earth.."

"Someone left you a msg" I said and rose

"Alex!" I heard Elliot cried but i was too tired, i can't stand it anymore. I think I fainted.

to be continue....

Thursday, December 9, 2010

my princess

Looking at the mirror and i started to question myself. "what the hell am I doing here, alone?"

Oh wait, i nearly forget to introduce myself. I am Alexis, I am 24 and I am still... Single. Oh yes, I am single since I was 20.

I know what are you thinking right now, I must be a fat, ugly and annoying bitch that always complain about how pathetic my life is and keep on stuffing ice cream and chocolates to myself saying that I am trying to make my self happy which was actually just to satisfied myself from being a fat bitch. OK stop! no. I wasn't.

So what is wrong with me? Honestly I got no idea at all. Is like at all. Seriously. Well, I work from Monday to Friday as a Graphic Designer and I slack at home on weekends and sometimes hanging out with a few old friends. Oh do I Club? Only when I have to, most of the time i will be with my clients. Oh well, i know, boring life. this is why I am single eh?

Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of people approach me in these years but they are not my kind and lets say they are pretty much not acceptable. Okay, lets face it, I am not ugly and I am actually pretty, good looking. am i fat? Oh for god sake I am not fat at all! the only not-so-wonderful about me will be my height, I am only 156cm.

"Alex! The airport Strike! Come out now!" Ally said. (Oh Ally, is my boss remember her from the previous story of Momoko's?)

"What!?" I cried. Oh no! I am going to a concert tomorrow, I have bought the tickets! arghh!

"Alex, come out now! We need to reschedule everything now!" Cried Ally and she ran out of the toilet.

Okay, can I be more lucky than this? Airport strike?

"I swear this is the most unpleasant trip ever, boss." I said

"I know." Ally said

"If it wasn't for the bonus I needed so badly for my new apartment, I wouldn't be here."

We are here at Barcelona, Spain. Before you scream About Gaudi's building, let me tell you something, I did not visit any of those. Why? We simply don't have the time. We rushed our project in 2 days time and need to rush back to our HQ for a new celebrity Iphone game project which everyone of us including the game design company are super not looking forward to it. Celebrities are those people that we will try our very best to avoid, they are problematic to the max. Bad attitudes, bad, bad. nightmare. The worst part, We have to take care of them as if they are our babies. Now, I am trap in this stupid airport. super arghhh-ness.

"Beware darling, there will be another bunch of nightmare from Stella." Said Ally

"Stella? The game designer?"


"Oh, her boyband Iphone game design." sucks.

"I hear they would like to have some multimedia campaign as well."

"Shouldn't they be looking for some multimedia company instead of us?"

"Stella's brother who is a multimedia designer is very busy right now and as you know we need to rush this job before their world tour concert, so he told Stella that he can't make it."

"Boss, I hate codes, CSS, HTML or whatever, they freaks me out."

"Silly, you just have to caetoonize them."

"The Boy band!?" I cried and open up my eye widely "The whole bunch of them!?"

"Yes, why? aren't you very good at it. Come on! You build a side business of it. didn't you?"

"Does it mean that I will be the one who will be photographing them as well?" Okay, so not exciting

"Yes. What is wrong with you? You always go for concerts and etc. I thought you would love to work with super stars?"

"You know, I know they are totally different behind the scene." I complained "Especially the ones that we will be working with. "

"Stop it already. Is not like we have a choice. You need to pay for your new apartment and I need to pay for my house and car." Ally said "Come on, we can do it!"

"Can I request for an assistance during the photography section? I don't want to be the one who buying them food and drinks!"

"I got an idea, borrow a maid from your mother and used it. I will pay her hourly." Ally winked

"A word boss."


"Fu*k you!" and both of us laughed

"Come on, is our turn. after queuing for so damn long."

"Tell me about it, it has been 6 hours." I rose and walked to the counter and someone cut the line

"Hi, I would like to...."

"Excuse me, what the hell is wrong with you!? I have waiting for 6 hours and what the hell are you doing?"

He did not speak but took off his sunglasses and smiled at me and continue his conversation with the air stewardess.

"Are you crazy!? Come on, wearing shades indoor is not cool, is stupid and for god sake even if you are a celebrity I don't give a damn. get the hell off!" is he a celeb? oh whatever.

The air stewardess look rather confused and she didn't know what to do, so she said "excuse me miss this sir is a VIP and we.."

"Do I look like I care!?"

"Sweetheart calm down." He said and smiled

"I am sorry, she is my wife.." He lied "We are together."

"Excuse..." Ouch, he pitch my shoulder!

"Yes, 2 tickets please. Business class."

"No problem sir."

Buuuuusiness class? Oh come on I don't have the money for that! I need to pay for my apartment and I am changing my car soon. Oh nooooooooooooo. He look rather familiar but who is he? Oh no, shit dont tell me he is one of the guy from The Woods! The one we are suppose to work with. Oh no, can I be more bad luck than this?

"Lets go." He said and basically dragged me away.

"Ally..." I cried and staring at her for help but why on earth is she smiling?


"I am not going to pay for this. I am going to pay you the price for the economic class and not the business class. I am not as rich as you thought, I am so poor that I am force to work here for just 50% of bonus at the end of the year." I said after we have settle down in the air plane

"You have to pay full price, I am not rich either. even if I am why do I need to pay for you? and i forced to be here for my job as well, we are pretty much the same." He said while reading a newspaper "I am not as glory as everyone thought."

"What the.." fuck "Okay so now what? you are the person who suddenly drag me and lied your ass of and not lining up and..."

"Cut it." He said "You are going to pay me or you know what will happen."

"What!?" What will he do?

"I am going to kiss you in public and the paparazzi will be following you for the rest of your life."

"ARGHHH!" I teared "Why must this always happen on me? I have been working so hard and i finally got a new apartment and thought of changing to a better car and now why this? I am suppose to work hard and earn more but now i just used up more than a month salary of mine. bastard. what kind of beast i met!"

"Hey, stop crying.." He said "I don't mean it."

"You can just pay the econ price, don't cry please." Why did she cry? oh god, it was a joke.

"sobsob." I looked at him with my huge eyes full of tears "Why me? Why must all the bad things always happen on me? I want a better life and i always work harder than everyone else. how many graphic designer dont mind being a part time photographer for the company as well? I spend more than 20 hours per-week just to support my side business and I hardly have time for myself. and now i bump into you who are trying to rob me."

"Oh please, is okay really. I am sorry..." Oh god what did he do?

"Excuse me, a lady told us that you are on Honeymoon with your wife and this is from the crews." An air stewardess placed a piece of chocolate brownie to us. "Happy honeymoon."

"Thank you." He said "Oh come, lets have some cake, dont cry please."

"I am not taking chocolate."I said "I.. am on diet"

He hold my hand and said "bones and bones. If i were blind i will thought that I am holding a skeleton. eat some and smile." He showed a cute face that made me laughed.

"What an idiot." I whispered

"As long as you are not crying." He said

"If you ever see me anywhere next week, please don't tell anyone you know me." I said "Is not like you gonna recognize me but still please. we are stranger."

"Oh no, i will remember your face for sure."

"Please forget me." Oh no, please leave me alone!

"I thought i am good looking. why not? are you attached? or you...?"

"no. I don't want to hook up with any client of mine." and a beast like you.


"You will know when we meet again."

"But you are my wife." He smiled "Everyone in the air plane think that."


"Lets make a deal. I will pay for your apartment and your new car?"

"Do I look like a hooker!?"



"I was just joking"

"Is not funny"

"but you look like a little princess to me." he said "I like you." He whisper to me

to be continue~ yes, fairytale is back. =D